Pics and Video from the “Galloway Hearing”

1st MSM Interview Vid Is Up – Sloppy but not the worst we’ve seen.

All the usual suspects were in attendance, Khaled Mouammar, James Clark and Code Pink. The hearing was postponed till Wednesday at 10 am due to an injury sustained by lawyer Barbara Jackman. It is believed she tripped over one the many lies that the useful idiots of the pro-Galloway cabal littered the sidewalk with. Read Terry Glavin’s latest for the dirt on Galloway.

It was a good demo and wise of the JDL to have staged a counter protest, a significant media contingent was on hand. Had the JDL not bothered to attend the usual one sided MSM slop would have been served up as the truth. Vid’s comin….

Zionist Dog! …and Damn Proud of it;)

Not sure but my camera lens underwent some sort of “Medusa” effect when I took this shot.

James Clark & Omar Ha Redeye

Assorted Harpies

Remember Krisna Saravanamuttu? You will now.

Some guy…kept bummin smokes off me. Vids comin up.