RBO’s Brenda J. Elliott, the American political blogosphere’s best investigative researcher, takes on “The Manchurian President”

“In the time it takes most writers to think up a theme for an essay, historian and investigative political researcher Brenda J. Elliott can gather enough material for an encyclopedia entry and weave it into a muckraking report that does double duty as a mini-history course on a topic. Since early 2008 her blog Rezko Watch and its present incarnation RBO (the “Real Barack Obama”) have been a go-to place for political junkies and journalists looking for background material on Barack Obama and his associates.

Now Brenda has teamed with investigative reporter and best-selling author Aaron Klein to write an exhaustively documented examination of Barack Obama’s ties to leftists. The 450 page work, titled The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists and due in bookstores May 3, is the book the American journalism profession should have produced at least as early as 2007, when it became evident that Obama was being groomed to step into the White House. Instead, the profession cranked out one puff piece after another and didn’t examine Obama’s network of leftist alliances.”

Go read this – great stuff!