Human Rights Cultists In the News…

Globe editorial

Human rights cases should be in the courts

“The matter of jurisdiction would be decided after the hearing was held, he stated. While the Queen of Hearts might approve of such an order of operations, the lawyer properly walked out.”

Kelly McParland: The pit bull hurt my feelings

“We don’t need laws; we have human rights tribunals. More evidence of Canadian superiority.”

‘Spoon-and-fork boy’ wins $17K in damages in Canada

Obama orders changes in National Security Vocabulary

“What seems to be desired by the proponents of this resolution is something like Canada’s ill-named “Human Rights Commission,” which has resulted in taxpayer-funded prosecutions simply on someone’s complaint of being offended.”

Social justice activism slim on Calgary campuses

Darren Lund believes this distaste for protest and the lack of interest in social justice issues may be due to the fact that many Calgary students benefit from the status quo. “In short, they live in an oil economy and many of them and their parents profit from big oil.”

Or maybe Darren the kids have recognized that you’re a Panty-Waisted Blow Hard?