RCMP raids home of Crazed Islamist Salman An-Noor Hossain?

Warning the site you are being directed to is NSFW!
“The Ontario Provincial Police raided the Mississauga home of Muslim activist Salman Hossin April 16 under pressure from the B’nai Brith and Canadian Jewish Congress.

In an interview with henrymakow.com, Hossin said they were looking for evidence to frame him in a terrorist plot. He had already fled the country for fear of a frame up and learned of the raid from his tenants.

Hossin, 25, is the webmaster of a web site www.filthy Jewish terrorists.com which accuses the Mossad and other intelligence agencies of masterminding terrorist attacks and then blaming them on Muslims. He envisages future attacks which will be blamed on his people.”

Background here.

H/T Sassy