Zaynab Khadr for Governor General of Canada

I’m serious. There’s a lotta upside to this.

1) It potentially removes at least one and possibly all Khadr’s from the welfare rolls. With a minor bit of legislation the entire Khadr Klan could be designated “The Governor General Family”. A reader adds – If Zaynab isn’t feeling up for a round of duties, she can have any of her niqab’d relatives fill in for her. Who will know? It’s like you get 50 G-Gs for the price of one. In fact “she” can attend 10 different events at the same time!

2) Gets them outta Toronto and in Ottawa where they belong, nestled cheek by jowl among the elites who crave their company. We could even mandate the Khadr Klan share occupancy of Stornoway with Iggy while Rideau Hall undergoes the needed addition of a mosque.

3) Improved diplomatic relations with Al Queda and various medieval death cult governed nations.

4) Canadian troops in Afghanistan can hand over detainees directly to the Taliban satisfying opposition leaders demands and avoiding a costly inquiry.

5) Declare Canada a republic and repatriate the entire Khadr Klan to Britain! Alternatively we could move Rideau Hall to Saudi Arabia.

6) Satisfies unwritten constitutional requirement that GG’ be married to effete metrosexual.

7) Opens up a much needed discussion on whether “Fragging” is permissible under some circumstances.

8) Potentially less expensive if 1st Option in item 5 is followed.

9) Good way to “stick it” to uppity CBC staffers.

10) Seal Meat’s Halal!

This could be the start of something big!