Don’t roll your eyes at Islamic incursion into the Toronto Public Library

“But the minute you build Islam into a library, church and state no longer remain separate. They absolutely must remain separate in a free and democratic society, even one whose constitution and (English-language) national anthem mention God.

I hold strenuous objections to Islamization and Islamic extremism, both of which represent threats to my freedom and, as a gay male, my life. I am much, much more upset about Islamic symbols semipermanently installed in public space than I would be about, say, Christian or Jewish or Sikh or Bahá’í symbols. I don’t have to treat Islam equally, but I would object to all those nonetheless. I have a categorical objection to violations of separation of church and state. I reserve my strongest objection to Islamic intrusion into public space, which is exactly what’s happening at Thorncliffe branch.”

Gee I wonder how he felt about Palestine House participating in last years Pride Parade?