Michael Coren – On the Toronto Star’s dumbest reporter – Denise Balkissoon

…But all is OK because the media was present. Welcome to young Denise Balkissoon, covering the event for the Toronto Star. She’ll get to the truth of it all and expose the bigots. “Each group accused the other of hate, shouting go home”, she wrote in the Star. “JDL (Jewish Defence League) members hurled overt racist slurs, while Palestine House men threw pennies on the ground, calling the JDL thieves.”

Jarring discrepancy

Then on her Twitter account the ace reporter opined, “Finally, after a day covering a storey of petty racism, made it to The Runaways.” Yes, she did spell “story” as “storey”. Apart from the dreadful spelling and insulting sense of priorities, there is a jarring discrepancy between what is to be seen on footage of the protest and what the Star described as two groups of people acting with equal nastiness.

Is she being balanced, is she informed? In an unintentionally hilarious interview with the leader of the Jewish protest, Ms. Balkissoon asks the yarmulke-wearing man why he is there on a Friday and not a Saturday. As if helping out a child, the man explains that he is Jewish and the Jews have a Sabbath and, well, you know the rest. This, by the way, from a woman who describes herself as, “culturally savvy”. Mind you, in the same biography she boasts of being a good editor!

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