Vimy Ridge Day

A bit about the ceremony here and here and about the monument here.

Reader Skyhook contributes: British War Reporter Philip Gibbs on the Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9-10 April 1917

“During last night the Canadians gained the last point, called Hill 145, on the Vimy Ridge, where the Germans held out in a pocket with machine guns, and this morning the whole of that high ridge, which dominates the plains to Douai, is in our hands, so that there is removed from our path the great barrier for which the French and ourselves have fought through bloody years.”

A bit of history I was unaware of.  Oh, war time censors kept it out of the public eye:

“On June 2, 1940, Hitler with Goering and others visited the Vimy Memorial. The allies had accused Germany of destroying the memorial. Hitler made the visit to demonstrate that the memorial had not been damaged.”