‘Slam the Doors on Immigration’

Ron Banerjee, director CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY

“…The Canadian media is exulting in recent immigration figures showing a burgeoning non white population. Few dare to challenge the gods of political correctness or label the trends as anything but cause for celebration.

As a director with Canada’s largest Hindu advocacy, let me be very clear : we consider the new immigration stats as a disaster in the making.

This is because Canada’s immigration differs radically from the successful US strategy.

America has achieved technological supremacy with a Silicon Valley staffed by the best and the brightest. Hindus and Jews have the highest per capita income in the US, double that of the white majority. The best doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs come from these two communities.

But Canada does not have and will never have a Silicon Valley. Statistics show that Canada’s ‘South Asians’ have lower incomes than white Canadians, and the only thing that immigration will accomplish is the growth of an angry embittered underclass.

This is because Canadian ‘South Asians’ are drawn from regions with lower education levels, high corruption, civil wars, and terrorism. America, on the other hand, has recruited predominantly from India’s most industrially and technologically advanced areas, specifically Gujurat and South India.”

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