Movie Reviews: “blazingcatfur, u facist Jew….

…take a look of what the terrorist army in Israel is doing to pregnant women & children in Gaza, before u run your mouth. Don’t play the anti-semitic horseshit, u enjoy ur life in this world, ur going straight to hell with all those cowards who slaughter civilians or aid the slaughtering of civilians.”

aboood91 “if you were there hearing talking shit about ur religion and prophet i don’t think you would shut ur mouth. I reacted to what theyve said, and i honestly don’t regret saying this, seeing children being murdered by the zionist blood suckers can’t make us keep quiet. Our prophit is not an ugly dog, and my riligion is not a terrorism religion and if it is you won’t see people converting into it. However, what would make the genocides they committed different from the holocaust?

I subscribed to ahood91’s channel and asked him to be my youtube friend.

I am having an e-mail exhange with ahood91 on youtube, he is a commenter there who claims to be the guy calling for another holocaust in the video, here’s a bit of the back and forth;

“and if you wonder if i hate jewish people. my answer is a no.. but i yes i do hate everyone who has killed, murdered, and committed genocides against that palestinians..”

Who’s that I asked?

“the people who came and concured the land of PALESTINE in the 1948 coming all the way from germany.. i guess they are what they call nowadays israel.”