Mark Steyn on “The Ceej mentality”

“Do you give money to the Canadian Jewish Congress? If so, why?

Seriously, I’d like to know. And, if you do give money, what do you get for it? [*See below for the answer.] A couple nice dinners? A chance to waft Bernie Farber and Marc Freiman onward and upward to their Orders of Canada and Queen’s Jubilee Medals and the other baubles of the Canadian state?

Hey, great. But what does this organization actually do for the Jewish community in Canada?”

The CJC on multiculturalism a favourite Hobby Horse – It’s Good for the rest of you… for Israel…not so much

“Mark Freiman answered two questions, the first dealing with what is legitimate criticism of Israel. Freiman suggested any criticism that entails, as its likely solution, that Israel commit suicide or lose its specifically Jewish identity, needs to be rejected as antisemitic.”

Canadian Jewish Congress Expresses Deep Concern over Swiss Minaret Ban

Sometimes a minaret ban is just a minaret ban, in the Swiss instance however it came to represent the concerns the Swiss felt over the threat to their “specifically Swiss identity”.