To be white is a hate crime – it’s a Canadian Fact

Two great pieces in the Post.

White & Guilty -‘Whiteness’ workshop helps expose your inner racist

“Moreover, I was guilty of “democratic racism” — by which we apply ostensibly race-neutral principles such as “due process,” constantly demanding clear “evidence” of wrongdoing, rather than confronting prima facie instances of racism head-on. “It seems we’re always looking for more proof,” said the instructor, an energetic left-wing activist who’s been teaching this course for several years. “When it comes to racism, you have to trust your gut.”

In the future everyone will be a racist for 15 minutes, however some of us are born lucky and by dint of skin colour alone we enjoy automatic state endorsed stigmatization thanks to our Human Rights Cult. Jonathan Kay has written a terrific piece on the Racism/Grievance Industry. And it is an industry in Canada make no mistake about that.  He actually attended the course “Thinking About Whiteness and Doing Anti-Racism” which I posted about here. Alas our trip to Israel conflicted with the course schedule so I had to pass. How he managed to sit through it is anyone’s guess.

Up Against The Wall Whitey!

Robert Fulford: The latest from the anti-racism industry

If you want to know how the University of Ottawa became U of Zero, read this.

“They recommend, for instance, that all faculty and staff in universities be required to take “anti-oppression training.” And who would be more appropriate trainers than members of the task force? Their names on the report will now certify them as experts in the burgeoning anti-racism industry, if they weren’t already. Unfortunately, there’s no provision for aid to students and teachers who feel themselves oppressed by the anti-oppression rules.”

The task force members favour an increase in courses on critical theory and equity studies, areas in which they will be at home. They also like the idea of departmental review committees to spot and remedy inappropriate “Eurocentrism” in the curriculum.

A nice gig, by the sound of it.

I really really feel the urge to oppress an “anti-racist” today for some odd reason.