Bumped – Our MSM at Work: Racist Jews Protest Against Palestine House – Denise Balkissoon Toronto Star

Denise Balkissoon of the Toronto Star is a very poor reporter or she attended a Palestine House demo in an alternate universe

Ms. Denise Balkissoon, a crack reporter for the Toronto Star, covered the JDL protest at Palestine House today. She wrote this piece of Walter Duranty inspired twaddle – Jewish group protests Palestinian speaker.

This was Ms. Balkissoon’s take away – “Each group accused the other of hate, shouting “go home.” JDL members hurled overt racist slurs, while Palestine House men threw pennies on the ground, calling the JDL “thieves.”

Ms. Balkissoon either attended a demonstration in an alternate universe or she is simply a hack. Nowhere in her “article” does she mention the calls for “another holocaust” or the calls of “We love jihad. We love killing you” which were caught on tape.  Not a word about the fact that Palestine House is an Islamist Front organization subsidized to the tune of several million Canadian Tax dollars to spread hate.

If Ms. Balkissoon worked for a serious paper troubling questions regarding her integrity might be raised, but remember folks, she works for The Star.

Video of Ms. Balkissoon asking the tough questions of Meir Weinstein – “someone said “where’s your camel” Whoa!

Pay close attention to Denise Balkissoon here kids, this is a real reporter at work. At about the 2:38 mark Ms. Balkissoon gets to the heart of the story and demands Meir Weinstein’s reaction to her penetrating question “I heard someone say “Where’s your camel”! Whoa!  Now that’s reportage folks, forget that trivial stuff about calling Jews Monkeys or that they “need another Holocaust”. Yes Sir Denise knows racism when she hears it!

Ps. Denise, throwing “coins” is meant to insult Jews as “money grubbers”. Twit.

Ms. Balkissoon hard at work chasing down the story

So what does Denise Balkissoon think about calling Jews Monkeys, watching Jews have coins tossed at them, or about calls for another holocaust?

Why Denise thinks it’s petty.  H/T Flea

New: More From Ace Reporter Denise Balkissoon!

Update: Michael Coren tells the Denise Balkissoon Storey

“This is how our new reporting hero describes herself: “My areas of expertise include social trends, travel, human rights and diversity, immigration and ethnicity, food and style. Expect smart journalism, culture-savvy content and thoughtful editing done on deadline.”

Thoughtful editing indeed. And how’s this for being ”culture-savvy” – at the Palestine House demonstration she asked the yarmulke-wearing leader of a Jewish organisation why he won’t be protesting on a Saturday!”

Denise on spelling mistakes.