Minor Signs Of Doomsday…

My buddies at Serenity Fountain remain determined in their efforts to convert me. I enjoy their e-mails and thought this one should be shared with you all. Let’s examine the mystery of Islam together shall we?

“Minor Signs of Doomsday”

(Kinds of wine will be produced with different names, and they will be considered halal.) [I. Ahmad] Ed. What would they call it? Mohammedshevitz?

(Musical instruments will be widespread, and security forces will increase.) [Bayhaqi]
Ed. WTF?!!?… OH OH!!!

(A hundred years before Doomsday comes to pass, there will be no one on earth who worships Allah.) [Hakim] – Ed. So there’s an upside then?

(Doomsday will not come before Muslims fight a war with Jews and before even rocks betray [by saying], “O Muslim, kill the Jew hiding behind me.”) [Bukhari] Ed. Ah the Religion of Peace