Human Rights Commissions: Where being an asshole is a prerequisite for employment

It was bad enough when the liar Jennifer Lynch in a “Last Days of Ceausescu” fit appealed the CHRT ruling against Section 13 (1).

It was equally appalling when the the humourless fascists at the BCHRT in open contempt of due process proceeded with the Guy Earle trial without even having determined whether they held legal jurisdiction to do so.

Now we have word the Saskatchewan HRC will appeal the Whatcott ruling – “all the way to the Supreme Court”.

It’s no secret the “Human Rights Cultists” are out of control in this country. Let’s hope the jurisprudence that forced the cultists to launch these vengeful appeals will end with the HRC’s losing their power to prey on citizens, one by one. Let’s also hope we see some guts & principle by our elected members of government to finally rein in these mutant agencies of harm.