Guy Earle Trial – Whenever you hear the words “Social Justice” think “Flint Faced Stalinists”


“This CBC article lists the complainant in the Guy Earle case as one Lorna Pardy, whose lawyer is “Devyn Cousineau.” Luckily that’s a fairly unique name.  A Google search for that returns turns up a little org called the “Community Legal Assistance Society,” which in the typical mush-mouthed way claims to have been “providing specialized legal assistance to promote social justice since 1971.”

One of their “programs” is the “BC Human Rights Clinic,” in which they “provide free legal representation for people throughout the province who have an upcoming human rights hearing before the BC Human Rights Tribunal. We also offer free weekly informational clinics for those who do not qualify for our representation or who otherwise want to represent themselves at hearing.”

Interesting. Who’s funding all of this?  Why . . . none other than – The Ministry of the Attorney General of BC – which has been backing the rights clinic since 2002.

Thus the human rights circle-jerk is complete: the government passes legislation to diminish the rights of the citizenry, stacks the commissions with flint-faced Stalinist officials, and ensures the vitality of the commissions by funding representation for complainants that appear before them. Everyone is getting very nicely paid, from the legislators to Cousineau to the Kommissar and eventually possibly Pardy — everyone except Mr. Earle, that is, who gets to bear his own costs. Nice arrangement, huh?”

Anyways, consider this an anonymous tip.

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— An interested law student