“This is Waleed Aboziad, husband of Naema, the woman that was expelled for wearing Niqab in Montreal”

This is worth reading for such gems as: “This is a big mistake as clothes, especially in the west, is not stable; it change every day, and if we consider clothes are affecting the cultural this mean that the cultural change each day so it is not a cultural then.”

This is a pretty one good one though: “My final word is that when you give the government the right to limit the freedom of choice in any issue, one day it will come against you, and they will limit your freedom.”

Right on Waleed! I can certainly get behind that last statement, (which Im’a thinkin Wally cribbed), as for Quebec’s request that the Niqab be nixed when utilizing government services, well I can get behind that too.

H/T Sanwin