Should White Hegemony be recognized as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act?

Damn Right it Should! I’m tired of being kicked around by our oppressive Human Rights Apparatchiks.  The OHRC & Barbara Hall have labelled people of pale skin  white hegemonists.  We White Hegemonists are  also guilty of expressing our racism unconsciously.  Shouldn’t this qualify as a disability under the CHRA? Damn right it should!

How great is the problem of White Hegemonist Victimization?  White Hegemony has now become “Institutionalized”. Courses are now taught with the express purpose of demonizing the oppressed WH community!  So deep is the societal rot that White Hegemonists are openly treated as second class citizens by law enforcement.  So systemic is the oppression of White Hegemonists that it is embedded in the law of Canada’s own Apartheid Act! It’s time to Act!

Gaining status as a preferred victim group will enable White Hegemonists to equally share in the bounty offered by Canada’s “Mosaic of Diversity” Imagine the benefits! As a designated victim group the White Hegemonist Community will be granted free reign to call for the deaths of Homo’s, Jews and “Progressives“, just like our brothers in oppression, the Islamists.  And best of all just think of the huge “Paydays” we’ll have to look forward to just by being “Offended” and firing off a complaint to our local HRC!

White Hegemonists of the world unite!
Refashion your chains into Shackles of Gold! ( But nothin too Gay Lookin Ok?)

Vote for White Hegemony!