Lord Luv A Duck! Human Rights Tribunal to hear case: Do Police Discriminate Against Men?

I wonder what went through the heads of the Kommissars when this popped up?

He’s a White Hegemonist. Dismissed! Wait…Wait! We get to Screw the Cops Over! Proceed!

“The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has allowed my complaint to proceed to a Preliminary Hearing scheduled for May 27, 2010, 10:00 A.M..

The complaint filed in 2007, is that police discriminate against men, based solely upon their gender. Gender Discrimination is a protected ground under Human Rights legislation; yet, fathers are routinely charged with domestic violence, as part of a custodial parents access/custody strategy.

Anyone, group or organization can make oral submission on gender discrimination by filing a Request to Intervene form with the Tribunal. The file number is TR-0775-09. A video link may be available from Toronto, London, Hamilton, K-W and Windsor, as the Hearing will take place in Ottawa at the offices of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.”

Some guy named Wayne Cook