The World War II Letters of William Wellington Taylor, Jr.

Oct. 5, 1943
Service Command Unit 1959
Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California

Dear Mother & Dad,

You asked me to write and tell you what we did on the first day. We sat & sat & sat. However, we did eat and get our bunks. The food was excellent at first, but it’s getting worse ever since. It’s still not bad, however. There’s a total blackout here at night but the shipyards are so lit up that it seems like day…

“My father, Pfc. William W. Taylor Jr. served in the 100th. Infantry Division, 399th. Regiment, Co. A. His Division saw combat in France and Germany spending 175 consecutive days on the battle line. He wrote over 300 letters home chronicling his service to our country. Like so many combat veterans of the War he spoke little of his experiences, but these letters tell the story.”

A fine legacy.