1 Adam12…1 Adam12 ..Hate Crime in progress corner of Moonbat & Mania…

“Contemporary life is rife with economic crises, political struggles and seemingly endlessly multiplying social divisions. This course is meant to open a brief window onto some of the complexity of how whiteness and white racism plays out with other oppressive social relations, particularly focusing on white people’s locations in all of this.”

Week 1 – March 8 – Starting to explore the foundations of whiteness and white domination

Week 2 – March 15 – Thoughts on whiteness, racism, sexism & class in our history and our present
Week 3 – March 22 – Whiteness, racism and homophobia
Week 4 – March 29 – Settlers, migrants and Indigenous People

We regret our bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.

Where’s Bernie’s press release Dammit!

Update: Babble bans Flaggman after 1 Post! – “Shelia, have you solved the whiteness problem at CUPE yet? What do we do with all those whites?”