One of these guys does have a brother ya know….

Justice Iacobucci released his supplemental report into the actions of Canadian officials in relation to Abdullah Almaki, Mauyyed Nureddin & Ahmad Abou-Elmaati

Here are reports on the issue from 7 media outlets

1) Toronto Star
2) CBC
3) Canadian Press
4) CTV
5) National Post
6) Toronto Sun
7) Globe & Mail

Not one mentions that Ahmad Abou-Elmaati has a brother; Amer el-Maati :

“In 1996, Amer travelled to Surobi, to find his younger brother who had spent four years fighting alongside Gulbuddin Hekmatyar against the Taliban. The pair retreated north with Hekmatyar’s forces, and then Ahmad went to Tehran to visit their mother and sister, while Amer traveled to Peshawar where he began working for the NGO Health and Education Projects International, created by Ahmed Khadr.
In 1998 he obtained a Canadian passport while living in Pakistan. Khadr’s son Abdurahman testified in Montreal in the summer of 2004 that el-Maati had given his Canadian passport to a man known as Idriss.”

This is a very strange story. Why would media outlets fail to mention the relationship?

Judge Iacobucci s Supplemental Report Feb 23 2010