The Canadian Islamic Congress of Congenital Liars: Islamophobia – The disease that threatens citizenship

In this week’s issue of the “Friday Magazine” Imam Dr. Zijad Delic, National Executive Director of the Canadian IslamoFascist Congress, penned this bit of brazen hypocrisy as a warning to all Kuffar’s: Islamophobia – The Disease that threatens citizenship

“This article is intended to shed light on Islamophobia as a dangerous disease which, if left untreated, can seriously damage the health of our society.”

Well Imam Delic I prefer to define Islamophobia as the fear unique to Muslims that prevents the Islamic community from confronting the evil that operates openly in their midst. Now Imam Delic is either suffering from Islamophobia himself according to my redefinition of the condition or he is a congenital liar guilty of propagating the myth of perpetual Muslim Victimhood. But why pull punches?

Imam Delic is a liar. His Canadian Islamic Congress has a long and public association with none other than Canada’s leading Imam the Jew-Baiter Zafar Bangash, The CIC has not uttered word one of condemnation against this Islamist filth. In fact the CIC has honoured Bangash for his contributions to Muslim society and hold him in such esteem that he is a featured speaker at CIC fundraising events.

Wake up Muslims. Your Imams are liars – they are a disease that has seriously damaged the health of your community. Bring on the CHRC Fatwa.