Jennifer Lynch hides behind ruse of “Solicitor Client Privilege” to cover up effort to keep CHRC staff from reading Blazingcatfur!

Note to all CHRC Staff. Membership in Stormfront OK.
Visiting Blazingcatfur not so much. 

And it’s 1,2,3 -what are we redacted for?    

I received my CHRC access to information request results today, as you can see it’s comprised of 8 pages of  “information” 5 of which are almost completely blanked out.

The first 2 pages are CHRC e-mails which contain the “Protected Solicitor Client Privilege” cautionary. Both e-mails have as the subject “Stand alone computer & access to web sites”.

Now I’ll give Jennifer and her Flying Monkeys the benefit of the doubt and assume she isn’t contemplating restricting MY access to “stand alone computers and web sites”, for now;)

Based on the subject lines alone, but also on the inclusion of an unredacted copy of one of my statcounter reports detailing multiple visits by the CHRC, I have to assume that Kommissar Jenny is deathly afraid of her staff reading my blog. Pathetic Petty Totalitarianism thy name is Jennifer Lynch.

My layman’s understanding of solicitor client privilege suggests its use may in fact be correctly applied in this instance. This assumes my inference of Jennifer’s effort to keep her staff from seeking The Truth The Light and The Way of Catfur is correct.
If for instance counsel for the CHRC were contemplating disciplinary action against staff for having visited or the formulation of a conduct directive forbidding employees to read my blog that might get them off the hook.

But I don’t roll over that easy and if there’s one thing we’ve learned; never trust Jennifer Lynch and the CHRC. So yes the invocation of solicitor client privilege may well be a cover-up.
We shall see what my appeal brings to light.

That said, I’ve always suspected I had a fan or two at the CHRC, what else could explain their devoted readership. I suppose I was wrong about some of them at least, and now ask their forgiveness for having viciously mocked their Christmas Day Visit, perhaps I was the only joy they knew that blessed day.  Such are the burdens of Freedom Fighting.

Still it’s inspiring to think I may have caused a rebellion at the CHRC against Kommissar Jenny’s rule.

As a Freedom Loving Cat I must pursue this for the sake of truth and the oppressed CHRC staffers – YEARNING TO BE FREE!

Jennifer Lynch! Let My People Go!

Update: Forced into Stormfront membership by the Heartless Tin Pot Dictator Jennifer Lynch and made to work late on Frday evenings in Lynch’s Sweatshop of Hate! No doubt they’ve stolen a desperate minute to visit and refesh their battered spirits!

Here’s the report, trust me it’s a quick read.

Jennifer Lynch of the CHRC Hates Freedom

PS. Jennifer you’ve got a revolt on your hands!

PPS. message received agent xy7.