Who taught you to hate Child?… Why “Zafar Uncle” is my Imam

When Zafar Bangash isn’t spreading Islamofascist hate he busies himself mentoring the children who attend his Islamic Centre of York Region. I wonder what they’ll be teaching at this Saturday’s “Muslim Youth Get Together” ?  What sort of parent allows their child to attend such a facility? Under normal circumstances a childs exposure to someone like Bangash would see authorities leap over one another to launch an investigation.

We don’t live in a normal time or a normal society any longer. Bet your last Politically Correct Dollar that not a hand will be lifted against this menace.

The following screenshot is taken from the Islamic Society of York Region’s facebook page. The ISYR is where Canada’s leading Imam Zafar Bangash ministers to his flock.

The children receive spiritual guidance from “Zafar Uncle”.

Heaven help us all.

Kids are amazingly resilient however, you can’t help but laugh at comments such as this: ” Just yesterday some old guy was burping up kababs every rakah, so I had to leave. That’s my excuse for not praying”