Update: Goal has been reached Thank You All! – Okay is gettin the dirt on Palestine House from Citizenship & Immigration worth $230.00 Bucks to Ya?

Update: Goal has been reached Thank You All!

Cause that’s what Citizenship & Immigration is asking me for to complete my access to information request. Funny I thought my taxes paid to keep their kids from having to live in Palestine House’s neighborhood, you’d think they could show a bit of gratitude to the proles once in awhile.

“If you hate-sa Pally House
like I hate-sa Pally House
Then we hate-sa both the same”

So if your interested in pursuing this then please make a donation via FiveFeets paypal, don’t worry I’ll shake it out of her.
Thank you.

Update: Thank you to the “Ladies who Lunch” who have kindly offered to take up a collection toward this effort at tomorrows Ziocon meeting to plot world domination and discuss shoes.

Citizenship & Immigration wants 230 bucks for a Palestine House Access To Information Request