Hey Remember How Khaled Mouammar, Ali Mallah and James Clark were spooked from attending the Media War On Islam Conference

Now why could that be? What spooked em? Couldn’t be because they don’t think the “Iranian Revolution” isn’t an event worth celebrating. They’ve had no problems whooping it up with Zafar Bangash at his annual bunfests honouring the Islamofascist bastards in the past. Cripes Clark attended the Cairo conference where he got to become BFF with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Come to think of it Khurrum Awan, the other no show, had no problem hangin out with Zafar, Elmo and Yvonne Ridley in the past.

Hope Zafar’s feelin’s aren’t hurt!

Here’s Khaled Mouammar and James Clark listed as speakers at Zafar’s Bash celebrating the 29th anniversary of Iran’s Islamofascist regime.

And here are some lovely pics of Ali Mallah and James Clark at Zafar’s 28th anniversary bash for his murderous Khomeinist death cult overlords.

Programs get yer programs….