Bob Rae, Paul Dewar, & Paul Crete Agree: Jew Baiter Zafar Bangash Should Be Responsible For Omar Khadr’s Reintegration

Isn’t it comforting to know that on repatriation Omar Khadr will be placed in the welcoming arms of that spiritual light unto the world, Zafar Bangash, Canada’s leading Imam and all round Pro-Level Jew Baiter.

And isn’t it soothing to know that young Omar’s rehabilitation plan has been endorsed by useful idiots opposition members Liberal Bob Rae, the NDP’s Paul Dewar and Blochead Paul Crete:

Liberal foreign affairs critic Rae said it’s time to “move forward with this case.” “It’s in the interest of the Canadian state and security to have a followed-up return, with all the guarantees that involves,” he said.
Khadr’s lawyers and Muslim leaders unveiled details of a plan they say will help Khadr gradually integrate back into Canadian society during a news conference in Toronto.
The group, which included lawyer Dennis Edney, Islamic Society of York Region president Zafar Bangash and Canadian Arab Federation head Mohamed Boudjenane, urged Harper to meet with them before Obama’s visit so he can pass along a formal request.”
Below we have Omar Khadr’s lawyer Dennis Edney and Zafar Bangash introducing Omar’s Reintegration Plan, here is a transcript. This link is to a video of Canada’s leading Imam and spiritual rehabilitation counsellor to Bob Rae, Zafar Bangash, speaking at the same press conference.