Pin Up Wars! … The Final Battle – It wasn’t a Good War! … It was a Great War!

First off I wish to thank all those who partcipated and all those who simply enjoyed the view:)

Alas our efforts have ended in a stalemate – Prepare for Pin Up Wars III…to be announced

Crank This

And away we go…

Wonder Wowza!

Jay Currie leads off with a final Double-Barrelled Blast!

Washington Rebel – Not at all revoltin;)

Look what we have found.

MisRed Muses – Amuses

TrogloPundit’s a Danica Patrick Hog!

FiveFeet – The end of the beginning

Hot Thai Chick – Killin me softly

A roguish Catholicism

Rev says she’s called “Mindy”

Lindsey Vonn you decide;)

JackOfHearts – Happier days and days to come

Theo wishes you all a “Good Night”

Wonder Woman – from the archives

St. Angilbert Oh My!

Trupeers kicks inwith a reference I’m not gettin…

SharpeStick – RollerGirl;)

Check out Pinuptoons


In response to Jay Currie’s unprovoked attack, we the allied bloggers have no choice but massive retaliation. All those wishing to volunteer step forward and send me an e-mail with your link.

May God have mercy on us all.

Day 3 Updates

Jay Currie launches the Lingerie!

Theo Spark Nuff Said!

Wonder Woman Kickstarts!

Flea Goes Apneatic!

Washington Rebel Both Barrels Blazin!

Missred Muses in the Classical Style!

L’il Rev Corset!

St. Angilbert Oh My!

Look what we have found – Woo hoo!

SassyWire – How do you judge a camel beauty contest?

More? Yes! More Brooklyn Decker!

FiveFeet off the floor!

Nose Art. From SharpeStick


Day 2
Jay Currie mounts a counter…attack

Washington Rebel remarks “My Kind of Skirmish”

Stubble Jumpin Redneck says Enuff!

Wonder Woman Wreaks Havoc!

Osh has one lucky Poodle!

The Rev sends “My Pin Up Girl”

Ken Hynek fires at will!

MissRed Muses Marshalls the Troops!

Theo’s back with Bedtime Totty!

OMG Brooklyn Decker!

Don Sharpe checks out Portland Pin-Ups

Wally Keeler goes NUCLEAR!

FiveFeet says check out Miss March 66

Ghost of a Flea has accepted the challenge!

FiveFeetOfFury responds in righteous retaliation

JackOfHearts and BPC enter the fray.

Reader Rev directs us to the Pin Up Gals.

Theo Spark fires a Salvo!

Arrrrghhhh! “I’ve seen the movie Calendar Girls and thought it was fantastic, so I thought, ‘Why don’t we do this? Why can’t we do this?'” said  Barbara Hall

Yowza! Barracks Wall WW II Pin Ups!

James Lileks on the incomparable work of Art Framm

Celery + Gravity = Art

Rules of Engagement

The rules of Pin Up War are simple:

This is GOOD

This is BAD