York film professor John “I told a Whopper” Greyson slammed over Israel boycott

Globe & Mail

“The faculty of York University’s film school has taken the unusual step of criticizing its own staff member, John Greyson, over his continuing campaign to promote a cultural boycott of Israel.

It was Greyson who precipitated last fall’s controversy at the Toronto International Film Festival when he withdrew his own short documentary film from the lineup, in protest of the Festival’s decision to spotlight a series of films about Tel Aviv. Now, Greyson, an associate professor of production, is spearheading a new drive to boycott the Tel Aviv University International Student Film Festival, scheduled for the spring, and it’s this one that has irked his colleagues at York. Last month, in letters to 90 film schools soliciting support for his position, Greyson attached the names of director James Cameron (Avatar) and actress Jane Fonda implying that they supported the campaign.

However, neither Cameron nor Fonda had been asked to sign on to this open letter. “