RCMP Access To Information Files on Palestine House – Your Tax Dollars Fund Islamist 5th Columnists Part 1

This is the result of my access to information requests to the RCMP regarding Palestine House. As we suspected Palestine House has been the organizational force behind the bulk of the “anti-zionist” demonstrations Toronto has witnessed. They are named in document after document.

These Islamist 5th Columnists operate courtesy of your tax dollars.

Say it out loud: Cut Off Funding To Palestine House Now

E-mail James Moore Minister of Canadian Heritage, MP Bob Dechert whose riding Palestine House is located in at decheb@parl.gc.ca and bob@bobdechert.ca , Jason Kenney minister@cic.gc.ca and his Communications Director Alykhan Velshi alykhan.Velshi@cic.gc.ca with this information.

It’s worth 4 Million of your dollars to do so!

Links to Part 2 and Part 3 (Honestly Part 1 is the least interesting)

Oh and as for immigration fraud, well the RCMP declined to share that information. I wonder why?

Palestine House RCMP Access to Information 1