Big Bad HateFinders Display Politically Correct Cowardice…

Boy I feel so much better knowing these guys are on the job Phweew! Basement Nazis – both of them – get the full treatment at Hate-a-Palooza, Islamofascists not so much…

I read the Post article last night and frankly wasn’t going to bother commenting, thankfully Scaramouche had the stomach for it. All the usual suspects performing the same sorry pantomine, which regurgitates like this; “Of course we believe in Free Speech – just not for the little people… after all, well people like us, well we just know these things”  Nope no cowardly politically motivated bias here.

The sad thing is Stephen Harper and the court will listen to these rentseeking frauds and cave on Section 13 (1). After all, your right to Freedom of Speech is a small price to pay if it means Peter Kent gets re-elected.  Oh and prepare yourself, once he figures the charade has allowed him to retain a modicum of conservative “street cred” you can expect Harper to open our chequebook  and give Omar Khadr his 10 million dollars in Islamogeld as well. Under Harper’s “conservatism” I believe this is called “incrementalism”. He got the mental part right.

Meanwhile Your Fearless HateFinder’s are hard at work tracking Public Enemy No. 1 – Surveilling BlazingCatfur at 9:45 PM on a Friday evening, I suppose it’s somewhat heartening to see Jennifer Lynch working overtime.

Update: Rest Assured folks the Canadian Human Rights Commission works weekends too!

Good Morning Jennifer Lynch, and how are you this fine Saturday?

Update From Mark Mercer: Anyone who has any doubts about Irwin Cotler’s disdain for freedom of expression should read his “The Right to Protection against Group-Vilifying Speech: Towards a Model Factum in Support of Anti-Hate Legislation,” in Law, Policy, and International Justice: Essays in Honour of Maxwell Cohen, edited by William Kaplan and Donald McRae. We should all study this essay carefully, if we are to know the enemy well.

This is a Google preview link, you get the bulk of the essay and certainly the gist of Cotler’s embrace of the Big Lie of MultiCult.