Who is Khaled Mouammar and why is he saying those nasty things about Stephen Harper?

Khaled Mouammar at today’s “HolyLand” presser. Khaled leads off equating the holocaust to the treatment of “Palestinians” then seques into a condemnation of Stephen Harper who “has it in” for “racialized” people but especially peace loving Muslims. Oh and wait till you hear him spit out the words “Zionist Jew” – it has such a dramatic flair… or was that bile.
Up Next: Judy Deutsch Unter Alles.

Well this effort certainly won’t elevate me to the filmmakers pantheon. This morning I dashed out and purchased a camcorder for an upcoming trip. It’s a Panasonic S26, standard format. Do forgive the quality, the lighting was not friendly to this model or the mode I was shooting in. I promise to do better next time, and perhaps should purchase that tripod I scoffed at earlier. I’m too lazy to edit so you get raw footage.

PS. Atara Beck of the Tribune was the highlight of the day, she sliced and diced Judy and Khaled during the Q&A. Sadly the battery on the new toy ran out and I was unable to capture this for posterity.