Guy Earle v. Complete Societal Breakdown

Comic Guy Earle v. Hatchet Faced Hecklers… er Lesbo CryBabies is scheduled for the BCHRT March 29 2010

A message from Guy Earle -Persecuted Comic:

“Did ya hear the one about the BCHRC Chair that ignored the Canadian Supreme Court? Well, apparently, even though the S.C. has quashed the process that has been brought against me, the BC Human Rights Commission has decided to proceed with the original tribunal?!! At great expense (and suffering), I went to Vancouver last year for the tribunal. My lawyer had the process QUASHED, so I came back East to get back to work… Well, we are still a-go for March 29, 2010. So, I was a little premature in thinking there is justice in this world. Fans of freedom, we are not out of this mess yet!

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