Video & Photo’s from the Coptic Christian Rally in Toronto, including MP Bob Dechert’s address

LGFrumpy has completed her report on the the rally:

“Canada, Canada, Wake Up!” was the cry I heard most often at yesterday’s Coptic Christian march through downtown Toronto. Their voices raw and sometimes desperate, the marchers cried out to Canada, their beacon of hope and democracy, to put an end to Islamic terrorism and save their fellow Copts in Egypt.

Their message was simple and blunt and absolutely not politically correct: “Islamic terrorists must be stopped!” “No more Christian blood!” “Why, why, must we die?” “No, no Islam by force!”

Mississauga Matt Has MP Bob Dechert’s speech at the Rally

Update: Frumpy also has video of yesterday’s rally, here, here and here.

Lumpy Grumpy & Frumpy covered the rally and has tons of Photo’s from what she reports was a large turnout.  I can’t help but note the absence of the Canadian Islamist Arab Federation – for them the only bash worth attending is a Jew Bash;)

See more pics here, here, and here.