Breaking Borders


Poetry is Poetency manifested itself in the form an alternative newspaper column during the 1980’s, the closing decade of the Cold War. The link will take you to a blog entitled Breaking Borders. I have just opened this blog for the deposit of documents pertaining to art/poetic activities of the 1980’s when the Peoples Republic of Poetry was engaged with elements within the Warsaw Pact countries.

By necessity, it was important to conceal much of what I will eventually expose on this blog. It has been 20+ years since the Cold War ended, so it seems safe now to display the some of the work and how it was secreted out of the Soviet bloc.. I will begin by posting the public domain polemics of my ‘underground’ activities, then some of the original samizdat and the stories behind them. It was an extension of the policy, Little Brother Watches Back, which manifested itself in this blog entitled Breaking Borders.
I highly recommend the illustrated story of TANGO, a samizdat publication of Polish poets/artists that arose in resistance to martial law and Soviet threats of repression. Their chief weapon was creativity, wit, and satire. Enjoy the read — it makes an interesting contrast to the arts scene in Canada.

Wally Keeler