Nazi Party, oops Canadian Human Rights Commission Claims It’s Their Right To F&CK OVER Canadians

Hardly news but that’s their argument : “Nazi Party CHRC lawyer Margot Blight argues that the manner in which the CHRC pursues hate speech is “irrelevant” to the constitutionality of the law that forbids it  …and irrelevant to the rule of law and due process as well I assume.

So the CHRC is arguing that it’s perfectly fine for them to abuse due process and natural law as they’ve done all along – I’m not surprised in the least, the real Nazi’s loved laws like Section 13 (1) as well, though they tended to be a little more subtle than the Klepto-Kommisars of Fort Lynch.

 As a matter of routine the CHRC accepted “evidence” gained through means rightly described as entrapment, withheld evidence and documentation from complainants, ignored their own stated procedures and conducted “investigations” according to instruction from complainants rather than as an independent objective body,  further CHRC staff routinely joined Neo Nazi web sites and have been caught registering for and one presumes investigating sites against which no formal complaints have been filed, have succumbed to undue influence as a result of regulatory capture by politically driven individuals and special interest groups, run roughshod over the right to freedom of religion & freedom of the press, all the while subjecting their victims to a punishing one sided abuse of our democratic legal traditions… and the beat goes on – they hope.    

What was the reason for the Lemire ruling?

As the “Legal” shenanigans tolerated if not in fact encouraged by both the CHRC and the CHRT became public knowledge the Tribunal got cold feet. The Tribunal desired to distance itself from the CHRC and cover its ass. That’s it, that’s all.

Speaking of which – Good Morning Jenny;)