Barbara Kay: Regarding Ms. Antonia Zerbisias

“…Even the editors of the Toronto Star, though, had to be wincing at the rather extreme simplicity and extreme rudeness displayed by Ms Zerbesia Jan.26 when, agitated at the National Post’s editorial comment on an issue she felt strongly about, she tweeted “F*** you, National Post National Post and the horsesh** you rode in on.”

Golly! That’s harsh.”

Update: For idiot lefties everything is always a CONSPIRACY!

Bwa ha ha!!!!

I had to laugh at Zerb’s immediate thought: that this was a conspiracy of some kind and that I had been ‘duped’ by a fake email purporting to be from you. This is how their minds work: everything MUST be a scam, a conspiracy, a gnostic something or other. Occam’s razor isn’t in any leftist’s overnight bag.

He and Zerb get together and comb out each other’s grey ponytails 🙂

I ‘thoughtfully’ left out my fave line about Zerb. One of her colleagues at the Star said to me once, “You know, if I ever lose 100lbs, I hope at least other people will be able to notice…”

Cheers, and thanks for your nice comments about me. You have now made a new enemy however. Dawg is a nobody, but he is a vicious nobody.


On 10-01-28 8:11 PM, Barbara Kay wrote:

Dear Mr Baglow,

Now that I’ve had my cocoa and am cozily ensconced in my four-poster with my trusty, well-worn copy of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom at hand for my nighttime read (land o’goshem is it 7:45 pm already?? Goodness, I’d better hustle), I am ready to respond to your “none too kind” blog post about me.

I have to say, Mr Bagelow, that compared to most of the mail I get when I ruffle the feathers of the Star-gazers, yours was definitely on the wussy side. No offence, but if a misspelling of the “Zerb’s” name was your best shot – and oh dear, I’m afraid it was – you mustn’t concern yourself with my potentially hurt feelings. Not! As the young people say today who know so much about the InterWeb and all that..

Peering through my lorgnette, I am now running down the list of your shards of umbrage. First of all, I did not do a “character assassination” of Ms Z, she does that every time she opens her mouth, although I wonder if it is in fact syntactically possible to assassinate oneself. But never mind, what I did was a “talent” assassination, although here again I am a bit flummoxed, since can one assassinate something that is not there? But let us leave these philosophical considerations for another time. Mr Sandman will think it quite naughty of me to stay up so late on a weeknight!!

You may be a bit embarrassed when I point out that the bit about Ms Z in Grade Nine is information I retrieved from the blurb she proudly displays on her column home page at The Star. Perhaps you should have “factchecked” that before puffing yourself up like the frog in the fable to accuse me of character assassination. What that does tell me though is that YOU think it is bad form to accuse someone of being rude, obstreporous and bold and to get yourself suspended from school, while Ms Z thinks it is something to boast about. I will let you two work that out for yourselves. So much for your opening salvo.

My comments about Antonia’s writing are absolutely correct and I stand by them. She is an extremely banal writer – I should know – I edited a writing competition for high school students for 25 years, and I promise you the Grade 9 students who made the cut for the finished anthology all wrote much better than Antonia. So you can imagine my pique when I saw that AZ considered her writing similar to mine. Ye gods, perhaps when I’m in the final throes of Alzheimers but not before. Her writing skills are mediocre and her thoughts are rain puddle shallow and Manchurian Candidate-like robotic. If there were some money in it, I would be prepared to prove my point by deconstructing some of her colunns; trust me, she would not be a happy camper when I was finished with her. As for the Toronto Star, I have a friend who teaches newcomers English and she only uses the Toronto Star as a teaching tool because, as she put it, “the writing is so simple and easy for immigrants to read.”

When I continued “in this vein,” you don’t seem to have grasped the point that I was making “fun” of Antonia in my bit about “words” and the tools of our “trade”; that it was “ironic” and that anyone with a sense of humour would “get it.” Sadly, Mr Bagelow, I see no trace of a sense of humour in your writing, and by the way, that hoary old bit about me being a Victorian prude – that’s been done to death. If you want to mock me, find something original. …

Sorry about the misspelling, but the budget at the NP is pretty thin and I don’t get my own unionized copy editor to follow me around when I post on blogs. But gosh, sorry about that, because God knows a misspelling is something you almost never ever see on a blogspot, eh?

Please inform AZ that I live in Montreal and am a freelance columnist, not on the editorial board.

I gave the post to Kathy because I love her wit and style and way of thinking, all of which were in shining evidence in her comment, and I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather associate it with. Besides, I know there are tons of people who read her blog. Yours…not so much, I think.

Nice clearing the air, Mr Bagelow, and now you can go back to sitting at the feet of AZ and drinking her little cups of watery Kool-Aid, which don’t kill you right away, just veeeery slowly, column by column by zzzzzzzzz