Antonia Zerbisias Responds – Taste The Crazy!

Update: Barbara Kay Responds to Antonia Zerbisias

Reader Don Sharpe wrote Antonia Z in response to her now notorius twitter post in which she suffers a very public “Jooloony”* breakdown (see original post below).
Ms. Zerbisias accuses Don, myself and my readers of  “selective complaining” and horrors – misogyny! Misogynist? That’s odd coming from a woman who claims in the Toronto Star’s own pages that the notorious Canadian Cynic is one of her “faves” – “Swiped from one of my favourite blogs, Canadian Cynic…”

Don wrote:

Ms. Zerbisias,

Nice Twitter. You know the one. “Fuck you National Post and the horseshit you rode in on. Shame on you for these lies.”

Maybe you’re not so much ‘rude, obstreperous and bold’ as your bio states, as just ‘vile, base and low class’.

You’re definitely an embarassment to ‘The Star’.

Don Sharpe

Antonia Zerbisias responds – Taste the crazy.

Dear Mr Sharpe:

I see you and your friends at Blazing Cat Fur once again prefer to resort to misogynist attacks on me for my opinions. I also note that you failed to see the disclaimer in my Twitter account that states that The Star assumes no responsibility for my tweets.

Interesting your selective complaining and BCF’s repeated targeting of myself and Heather Mallick. Almost as interesting as the Post’s selective use of the facts.

Finally, I am truly sorry that you were offended by my choice of words but can find no offence in a national newspaper perpetuating falsehoods — while misspelling the name of its target for wrath.
Have you complained to the NP editorial board for lying to the nation?

Antonia Zerbisias
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*Jooloony: Over the top emotional & psychic breakdown suffered by “anti-zionists” when confronted with reality, often accompanied by a false sense of victimization and paranoid ravings. No known cure.

Original Post:

Antonia Zerbisias “Sea Hag of the Star” Suffers “JOOLOONY BREAKDOWN”

Here’s the article Sea Hag has gone “JOOLOONY’ over, below is a picture of the original “Sea Hag” for those who lack my refined cultural tastes. Hmm did I in fact insult the fair “Sea Hag”?