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“In response to an event that occurred the weekend of 24-25 January 2010, the following documents have been made private and are only viewable by you. If you intended these documents to be viewable to the general public, you can easily make them public by clicking the links below and changing the visibility from “Private – keep this document secret” to “Public – anyone can see this document”: Khurrum Awan to Jason Kenney

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OK Fixed, it’s public again! I’m sure it was just some internal glitch;)

This is the letter the Sock wrote Jason Kenney (below). He cc’d Dr. Jamal Badawi of Cair-Can, a suspected member of the Muslim Brotherhood and an unindicted co -conspirator in the Holyland Trial – see United States v. Holy Land Foundation. Dr. Badawi is listed in Section II, among “individuals who participated in fund-raising activities on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.” The funds were raised for Hamas.

Khurrum Awan to Jason Kenney