Triumph of the Clueless: True Life Lessons From The Latte Brigade March on Gaza!

Meet Kathleen Crocetti “Orchestrator of Community Art Activities” and Brave Beyond Brave participant in the Gaza Freedom March. We have much to learn from such World Citizens!

Our Heroine & “Bill”!

Humility & Personal Sacrifice in the Service of Humanity!

“Is the US press covering any of this? Bill and I are here to deliver hope and friendship in the form of a community made art glass mural.” ( Ed. Cause every “war zone” needs more glass)

The Courage Required Of International Humanitarian World Citizenship!

“I know that a rug this size and quality would sell for at least $4000 in the US, we know we bought a few when Gottschalk’s was going out of business this summer.” (Ed. “World Citizens” adhere to their superior moral principles and sense of mission regardless of danger, and that means being a smart shopper!) 

Overcoming Hardships!

“We had to learn “No, thank you” in Arabic really quickly, if you step in camel dung someone has wiped off your shoe and is asking for payment for the service before you even know you had stepped in it. You cannot step outside your hotel without being hustled for something.” (Ed. Translation – Smelly foreigners make our “humanitarian efforts” hard!)

The importance of good relations with smelly foreigners fellow World Citizens!

“This evening when we went out to get fruit for our camping trip some small boys were following us and begging, an older man swatted them both on the head with a newspaper they yelped and took off. I sure appreciated this kindness.” (Ed. Thank goodness you didn’t have to touch them yourself!-Skank)

Self realization on the road to Gaza-Well sorta.

“It still worries me that I am an ignorant traitor, that I have been the pawn for the Egyptian Government not for the Peace Movement.” (Ed. Well you got the ignorant traitor part right, that’s progress of a sort, shop some more, it’ll help you forget, and do look up the word quisling along with the term 5th Column when you get home)

“Our Hamas keepers kept calling and finally urged us to come back to the hotel….We ended up talking about the gay marriage fight in the USA and he said that there were no homosexuals at all in Gaza, we looked at him skeptically and he said that well maybe there were some but of there were they were in hiding because they would be killed for it. Eventually we got the Israel Palestine problem and I have to say it was sobering and depressing, what he feels would be a reasonable solution to the problem is so far off form what any Isreali Jew would ever accept.” (Ed. Kathleen are you at all familiar with the term “useful idiot”?)

Let’s not forget our purpose; To alleviate the crying need of the Starving Gazans!

“I explained about Madame Mumbarak’s pervious role in helping get CodePINK into Gaza and hoped to persuade them that this was a process, that we never really expected that the gates would miraculously open and Gazans would be free to come and go as they pleased and to buy the goods and procure the services they needed without having to resort to smuggling for the most basic needs.”

“….The Gazans greeted us warmly and we could not refuse the lavish spread they put out for us at 12:15 in the morning.”  (Ed. WTF? Lavish spread? I thought they were starved of basic needs due to the “Crushing Israeli Blockade“???)

On behalf of all World Citizens I wish to say Thank You Kathleen Crocetti for the donation of  your “Glass Art Mural”, it will I hope be put to good use as a “Training Target” by the next generation of brainwashed “Stone Throwers” you have so foolishly enabled.