THE BIG LIE – Khurrum Awan Sues Ezra Levant!

THE BIG LIE:“On March 30, 2007, we met with Maclean’s senior editors and proposed that they publish a response to Steyn’s article from a mutually acceptable source. “

Unbelievable. Lead Sockpuppet Khurrum Awan and the Sockettes, repeated this same lie, over and over again in numerous interviews and published articles for the duration of their Islamist Lawfare assault on Freedom of Speech and Macleans magazine. Julian Porter, Maclean’s counsel, caught Khurrum Awan in that lie fair and square under Kangaroo Kourt Kross-Examination. The Islamist Lawfare agents never asked for a “mutually acceptable” anything – They demanded absolute editorial control of Macleans.

Now Khurrum Awan is suing Ezra Levant because Khurrum Awan is… well…Stupid.

Update: “From the comments at Ezra’s – nonmuslim are loosing now and they try to made new hate and new man made hate to smash us and spread their porn fucker women around muslim to learn from them or bunch of gays to tell muslim how they ass hole men well and know more sex life than muslim”