Attack of the Jewish Vampires! … is being hacked by Islamists

Update: All is well once again.

This was the original link below from my “WTF? Moment of the day” post.

DNA test the jury – they might be Jewish

Which should bring you to this story,(screencapped from Google cache), on F&cked Up Jihadi Aafia Siddiqui.

Now you get this pile of Islamist Thug Crap.

Arent you ashamed of giving tolerance to Jewish who is the main actor of wars with being of children killers ? Arent you ashamed of giving support to vampire who doesnt care any human life ? Arent you ashamed of showing respect to Jewish who makes revenge, hatred and rivality feelings between the people?

Screencapped for posterity.

Update: SMW reports that the hacking of the Jewish Chronicle is enjoying support in UK chat forums.

H/T Brian