Update: The Ziocon Conspiracy Responds! – A Mossad attack on Vancouver?

Well it must be true because the source of the allegations has this nifty graphic endorsed by none other than Greg Felton! I’ve asked several prominent Vancouver bloggers and known Mossad agents to comment on this. I’ll publish their responses just as soon as they can tear themselves away from their ongoing efforts at world domination.

Breaking: The Ziocon Conspiracy Responds In Panic!

Uppittiestdate: My decoder ring is tingling. This looks like the big one.

Units of Truthers are poised for the March down Kingsway. Sleeper cells of Trots, Social Creditors and nine truly ancient British Israelites will take position at the Cambie Street Bridge. Our brothers in the Slow Food Brigade will be serving brisket blocking the Burrard Street Bridge. Squadrons of delivery vehicles from Gracies’ Flowers will be doing the “slow drive” over the Lion’s Gate and our comrades at Pivot will bring the Downtown Eastside to a halt. The Falun Gong people will block Granville at the Chinese consulate. Our bankers and brokers will flood Burrard and Georgia…

We’ve got’em surrounded.
Zion Über Alles and all that.

Uppittierdate: “The jig is up. We invoke Section II, Article VII, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Kilkenny: “Blame everything on the Freemasons and run for it.”

– Field Commander Seamus O’ Houligan, Robert Briscoe Memorial
battalion, False-flag Ziocon Hegemony Gatekeeper Brigade, Mossad Auxiliary Division.

Upperierdate: We will not confirm of disconfirm whether or not Felton is or is not an agent of the King David Sauna Boys Club (KDS – BC). To be sure, you can trust no one who pretends to be merely “revealing” false flag operations. Nor will we comment on rumours of a brain-laundered ex-Mossad agent by the name of Feldstein.

Update: My Zionist brothers and sisters, this is your Mossad station chief in Vancouver. I ask for your forgiveness for breaching our security protocols through this public broadcast. It was necessary to reach you all before the operation came into full effect in a few minutes.

Operation Glowing Hearts is aborted!