From the Fatwa Dept. – Kabooming Kanuck Kuffars Kondoned

Maybe he was just being Fatwacetious?

The father of Shareef Abdelhaleem one of the Toronto Terror suspects, Tariq Abdelhaleem an Imam, issued a “Fatwa’ to his son condoning the Kabooming of Kuffars in Kanada. How’s that for Fatherly vice advice?

Tarek Fatah points us to this YouTube vid where Daddy Imam proclaims the innocence of all the little homegrown terror tots.

With Thanks and apologies to EBT for stealing the “FatwaZoo” line.

Update on Daddy Imam from Macleans courtesy reader Sanwin:

“After his son was taken into custody, Tariq launched, a website that “appeals to the Canadian intellect and conscience” to learn the truth about his son and the rest of the “Toronto 18.” In a post published five months ago, Abdelhaleem revealed that CSIS “denied me a permit to enter my job site as a Nuclear Planner; a job I held for the last 20 years in Canada.” He continued: “It is obvious that the agency has determined that I am a dangerous person, all of a sudden, in spite of the fact that I have no role [in] the so called ‘terror’ plot, or, otherwise, I would be in a cell room wearing an orange jumper!” (Whether CSIS has truly banned him from nuclear plants has not been independently confirmed).”