The CHRC & the madness of phony “Human Rights”: A play in 2 acts

Well that’s not the title, Courageous is, a play written by Michael Healey &  directed by Richard Rose currently at the Tarragon. Frankly I’d be happier if the reviewer told us they blow up Fort Lynch 5 minutes into the 1st act but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the movie, maybe Roger Corman or George Romero could direct or better yet Rob Zombie. That said I am grateful to see that the nuttiness that permeates the twisted subculture of our human rights cabalists has finally been noted by the arts scene.

The review is by J. Kelly Nestruck in todays Globe and I admit my curiosity is piqued by the plot:

“Rights are wishes and fairness is a myth, suggests Healey, and the better we understand that, the better we’ll get along in this social experiment known as Canada. In the first half of Courageous (skillfully and unobtrusively staged by Richard Rose), Healey sets up a neat ethical dilemma: At Toronto city hall, a Catholic justice of the peace named Tom conscientiously objects to marrying a gay couple. The added twists are that Tom is gay as well, and that he has plenty of colleagues willing to marry the two. “

I think I may enjoy this.