Historical Society demands Ottawa Seize Kaaba Shrine to prevent further destruction of historic monument

The Historic Society of Swastika Ontario has issued a press release demanding the Federal Government take immediate steps to seize the Kaaba shrine currently located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

According to the release the Kaaba predates Islam which “means that Mohammed guy stole it anyway”.
A spokesman for the society indicated that a relocation of the Kaaba to the town of Swastika would likely be a boon to the local economy and stressed the organization would let “anybody who wanted have a look at it” and not just “a bunch of foreigner type Mohammedans who put their hands all over it probably ruining the sheen”. Preservation measures to protect the Kaaba will include ” a good hose down with the Karcher and maybe a coat of stucco”.

The spokesman added: “Look if the Government is gonna seize those “Dead Sea Crullers” on behalf of Tim Hortons or whatever why not just nip over with a front end loader and give the Kaaba a new home too?”