Your tax dollars are paying for this…Random hot button phrases strung together make money fall from the sky!

Profile this! Muslim women and trans people video project

“Aqsa” is also the first name of the 16-year-old Muslimwoman, Aqsa Parvez, who was murdered by her family members on December 16, 2007. We recognize her murder as physical form of patriarchal violence, and the response to her murder from public institutions as Islamophobic, racist, and patriarchal. This zine is also inspired by Muslim young women and trans people who experience and resist violence. We work within an anti-racist, anti-Islamophobic, anti imperialist, pro-choice, queer and trans positive framework.”

I believe that translates into english as “We are a PC Fraud but this is the type of bullshit that shakes the magical taxpayer money tree”.

A Muslim women and trans people video project? I really would like to see that. Good Lord what a tangled web, sorting out where your tax dollars go is a gargantuan task, each agency seems to share links with the other at some level and all have grown adept at living off the public tit.

Artreach Toronto – AQSAZINE Amount: $10,000

Metrac – Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children, no amount of funding supplied to Profile This! is available.

Ontario Women’s Directorate – No funding amount for Profile This! available

Urban Alliance on Race Relations – They care so little about wasting your money they don’t even bother to keep their web site up to date.

Freedonia Foundation – no complaints about this guy, he puts up his own bucks.