Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, himself a Jew, accused the Conservatives of “false, misleading, prejudicial and pernicious slander.”

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, Harper’s parliamentary secretary, responded that the Liberal party “tries to talk out of both sides of its mouth.”

I agree with Poilievre:

“The crowd was also pointedly advised that the pendulum has swung and they should be sure to vote Liberal as most grit party members now favoured the Palestinian cause over Israel – Yea Lying Jackal you read that right. Neither Jason Kenney nor PM Harper were favoured with a cheer when their names came up.

Liberal MP Paul Szabo, Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie, Omar Algabra and Carolyn Parish – Mississauga’s next Mayor according to a local reporter covering the event, all being “that type of majority Liberal” were noted guests.”