New concerns over the abuse of Section 13(1)

CNS News:Islamic Nations Seek Legally Binding Way to Counter Religious ‘Defamation’

“As support wanes for its campaign to secure controversial but non-binding “defamation of religion” resolutions at the United Nations, the Islamic bloc is pushing ahead with an alternative route – one that would carry the weight of international law.

The OIC is now attempting to have a key U.N. panel amend an existing international treaty to encompass supposedly religiously defamatory speech.

Unlike the resolutions, changing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) to cover religion would be legally enforceable…”

Canada is a signatory to the ICERD. The Canadian Human Rights Commission cites observance of ICERD as a Canadian legal obligation in it’s defense of our Thought Crime law, 13 (1).

Beyond the CHRC itself the limited support for Section 13 (1) stems from the opposing sides in the ongoing Arab Israeli conflict. Advocacy groups such as the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Islamic Congress each hope to use Section 13 (1) to limit, if not in fact outlaw political speech they disagree with.

The effort to incorporate the Islamist inspired “Defamation of Religion” in ICERD is simply the latest salvo in the Mid-East proxy war being fought by aggrieved minority groups at the expense of all Canadian citizens charter right to free speech. Worrying steps are also being taken by some members of Canada’s Jewish community which are perceived by many on the left as an outright attempt to criminalize criticism of Israel.

The proxy war being fought over free speech is perhaps the single strongest reason why Section 13 (1) must be deleted.

Update: more on the Islamist initiative

“One American expert with more than 20 years experience of the U.N. human rights system said the treaty could have far-reaching implications.

“It would, in essence, advance a global blasphemy law,” said Felice Gaer, a member of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.